Kupenda Films B.V. is an independent film production company set up by Coen Haver, whose greatest love is film. Hence the name; for the Swahili word kupenda means “to love”.

Kupenda Films aims to develop and produce original, moving and engaging films that deserve attention. Each production starts with a great idea, developed into a form of film that fits the idea best. This has lead to a diverse set of productions, created with the help of a strong network of young, talented makers.

Currently, Kupenda Films is producing several films, including BOXCAR, a short film based on David-Matthew Barnes multi award winning script. Previous productions include the muti-award winning shorts MY PIECE OF HAPPINESS and UNDER MY BED.

Ultimately, Kupenda Films wants to bring together storytellers, film makers and spectators, all longing for entertaining, thought-provoking and touching content.

Kupenda Films B.V. is part of Studio Kupenda B.V.