Mirza Jusic is seventeen years old when in May 1992 his Bosnian village Kozarac is run over by the Serbian army. After the raid on his village, Mirza and his brother are brought to Omarska, the former steel mine that has now been turned into a death camp. There they spend more than 134 days, until the camp is discovered by a British journalist. Just days before the place is discovered, Mirza is suffering from a severe disease, surviving thanks to the medical aid given by the camp executioner Dragan Tadic.

20 years later, Mirza lives alone in Northern Europe, in a remote and old farmhouse. Then he is asked by The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) to witness against Dragan. This request stirs up Mirza’s desire to take revenge on those responsible for all the suffering, but also confronts him with his own conscience. For it is Dragan himself who was responsible for Mirza’s survival.

Mirza soon discovers that the deeper he delves into the past, the greater chances are Dragan will receive a commuted sentence. Will Mirza be able to find back his humanity and compassion, or will he lie in court to take revenge for what happened to him and his family?

The film is in pre-development since the Summer of 2015. The storyboards are drawn by Teun Rullmann.

In development

Coen Haver

Coen Haver