For a Sack of Bones is set in Bosnia, a country still haunted by the war. Mirza Jusic grew up in Kozarac, a small village ran over by the Serbian army. After a raid on his village, he and his best friend were brought to the Omarska Death Camp, where they spend more than 134 days. At the same time, his father was held prison in the Trnopolje Death Camp, after he was captured while defending the village.

25 years later the bones of Mirza’s father are recovered and Mirza travels back to Bosnia to give his father a decent burial. This return stirs up his desire to take revenge on those responsible for all the suffering. For a Sack of Bones is based on the Catalan novel For a Sack of Bones written by Lluís-Anton Baulenas (original title: “Per un Sac d’Ossos”).

The film is in pre-development since the Summer of 2015 and will go into preproduction in the spring of 2017. The storyboards are drawn by Teun Rullmann.

In development

Coen Haver

Coen Haver