Memories of a Future is a documentary about the daily lifes of young people living in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo. The film portrays these young professionals and the city, both still struggling with the consequences of the war while fighting poverty, high unemployment rates, government corruption and new wealth coming from the Middle-East with dark humor and a relentless energy.


Even after 25 years, many of the capital’s citizens still suffer from PTSD, restlesness and untreated traumas from war while the scars of the war are still visible in the city. Its young citizens often still live with their parents and grandparents. At the same time, the hills surrounding the city are taken over by the nouveau riche from the Middle East, who consider the Islamic country one of the few

places of religious freedom in Europe. Memories of a Future starts of as a view on the city and its inhabitants, but soon becomes a personal story of young professionals trying to create the future they once dreamed of. A dream that is so easily shattered by the economic downfall, the high unemployment rates and the endless corruption within its political structures.

In development

Coen Haver

Coen Haver