BOXCAR brings us to rural California. Unable to attend their high school dance together, Austin and Harley decide to skip Homecoming and seek refuge in an abandoned boxcar. There, they dream of escaping the ultra conservative small town they live in, hoping to discover a place where they can exist and love without fear.

The film is written by David-Matthew Barnes (1970) an American author, playwright, poet, and screenwriter. The script was awarded “Best Screenplay” at the New Renaissance Film Festival 2017 and “Best Short Script” at the Paris Play Film Festival 2017. It was at NRFF that Barnes met director Coen Haver. Haver was at the festival for the screening of his short film MY PIECE OF HAPPINESS, a film that eventually won “Best Actress” (Hetty Heyting).

The film will be produced by Kupenda Films and Revolver. Raymond van der Kaaij (co-producer of LOVE & FRIENDSHIP, starring Kate Beckinsale) will act as Producer, Coen Haver as Director and Producer.

Pink Film Days has confirmed screening the film, several other film festivals have already showed interest.

Haver was immediately touched by Barnes’ script. It has great dialogue with lots of emotional subtext. And the universal message teaches us that no matter where you’re from or what age you are, you can always overcome your greatest struggles with love.”

“After careful consideration I have decided to set the story in 1987, the same year Margaret Thatcher held her famous Tory speech. Lately, the 80’s have celebrated a revival in television series and movies, capturing the optimism, the innocence and the excitement of this period of time. In the 80’s American society showed many similarities to our current times. There was economical growth and prosperity, low unemployment and much to be optimistic about. But there was also an increasing social discomfort. Immigration was at its high point, causing a rapid change in American society. Churches and other social institutes started to spread a conservative moral actively defending traditional family values and condemning homosexuality and pornography. In that perspective, the 80’s parallel the contemporary, making it more than just aesthetically interesting to travel back to this period.”

“The film will be shot at night, under an almost full moon, causing an uncomfortable and surreal look. Coyotes are howling in the background, while city lights dance in the distance. Actors are filmed up close, creating an intense feeling.”

BOXCAR will be shot entirely on location in California and will premiere in 2018.

Coen Haver

David Matthew Barnes