FLORIS & PIP is a short film directed by Joanne Hakkert and Coen Haver. It’s an enchanting little story about the 10 year old Floris who’s in love with Pip, the most beautiful girl of his school. One day, an old man tells Floris that each 50 years the castle of Helmond will transform into a huge sand castle. On the night of the transformation, Floris asks Pip to go to the castle with him. The film is produced by Kupenda Films, OneBigAgency and Wegener and premiered on March 16 in Pathé Tuschinski Amsterdam. The film was screened in several Pathé and JT Cinemas and selected for the CineKid Screening Club.
Mees Slokkers
Senna Daems
Guus Dam
Joanne Hakkert
Coen Haver
Coen Haver
One Big Agency
Kupenda Films
Joris Hermy