When Austin doesn’t show up at the Homecoming party at their high school, Harley immediately runs off to the train yard. At their favorite hangout spot, he finds his friend. In a boxcar, while being surrounded by coyotes, they talk about the hopes of finding a place where they can exist and love without fear. But what happened earlier that week, casts a dark shadow over the two boys.

This short romantic story tells the story of two women, who have been secretly in love for quite some time. Now, the time has come to inform their families.

The Day You Were Found is a documentary film, directed by Coen Haver and inspired by the work of the ICMP, the International Commission of Missing Persons. The documentary tells the heartbreaking stories of relatives, whose missing family members are found or still missing. It features interviews with high placed (former) politicians, creating understanding for the impact of the global problem of missing people.

Programming the Body is a visual and factual research into the packaging of oral hormonal contraceptives. Through the confrontation of the stereotype of the hysterical woman, the symbolism of disciplinary architecture and the history of compliance packaging, the perceived neutrality of the pill package is questioned.

Taking Time is a short philosophical take on the term ‘time’, told through the eyes of Willem van den Berg, one the most famous watchmakers in The Netherlands.

Under my Bed is a short film directed by Coen Haver and produced by Kris van de Geer. It tells the story of a boy who finds a mysterious box that houses its deepest fear.

This short drama was made for the 48 Hours Film Project Brave New World. It tells the story of Janus who after entering an alternate reality discovers the shocking truth about his life.

Floris & Pip is an enchanting little story directed by Coen Haver and Joanne Hakkert. It tells the story of 10 year old Floris who’s in love with Pip, the most beautiful girl of his school. One day, an old man tells Floris that each 50 years the castle of Helmond will transform into a huge sand castle. On the night of the transformation, Floris asks Pip to go to the castle with him.

The Annex to Charity (original title: de Bijsluiter van Goed Doen) is a documentary about the successes, failures and pitfalls of Private Development Initiatives in Third World Countries.